Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bags I have the T-shirt

What's the chances of four people flying to one detination on two different airlines from two different airports arriving at their destination with only one bag between them and there all from the same family. That's what's happened yesterday when my sister and her husband and my neice and her partner flew to Chicago to see my other neice. My sister and her s/o flew with Continental from Bristol via NYC and my neice plus s/o from Heathrow on BA.

as my sister said in her email.....trouble being in the one suitcase all we have is 2 pairs of socks 2 pairs of pants 3 pairs of jeans and 2 t-shirts (all Ken's) - the smallest person in the group....We are now trying to work how we can get to Dennys for breaksfast, reasonable dressed! watch this space for further updates........


Larry said...

Why does "Continental" keep coming up in various sources of bad news?

Are they the only airline left?

Richard Havers said...

They're very big and carry lots of passengers?

Larry said...

And sewage in the aisles only happen to airlines that are big and carry lots of passengers?

Or kick people off of flights for being a happy, chatty baby? (No, I don't believe that story either. They had been delayed for 11 hours and the baby was still happy and chatty? I don't thinks so.)

And a plane full of people sitting on the ground in Houston last night for a length of time that they could have _driven_ to San Antonio?

Maybe you are right. My own experience with Untied is instructive.