Thursday, July 19, 2007

Flying the Flag (at half mast)

Most of the UK has rightly tried to forget this year's Eurovision song contest (if you are reading this elsewhere in the world and are wondering what this is, we'd suggest you take your curiosity no further) and our entry Scooch's abysmal showing of 22nd out of 24 for their song 'Flying the Flag (for You)'. While there were suspicions of tactical voting to secure a win for the Serbian entry and second place for the Ukranian mysteriously wrapped in bacofoil, there's no denying that the Eurovision entries from the UK are pretty reliably awful.

What caught our eye, though, was the use of airline uniforms by our four piece band as their stage costumes. They looked very fetching in their blue and silver numbers, set off for the girls with miniscule red pillbox hats and scarves. Sadly this didn't do a thing for their voting, but we wondered if there are any other pop acts out there who have used the airline personnel look on stage? Anyone know of any?

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