Monday, July 23, 2007

It's All BA's Fault - or is it?

The British Government's Environmental Audit Committee's report into what British airlines are doing towards carbon offsetting has been heavily critical. British Airways have been singled out for particular criticism. Their offsetting scheme with Climate Care was launched in 2005 and BA has, so far, only encouraged the purchase of only 1,600 tonnes of offsets each year. This equates approximately to the emissions from “four return flights to New York on a 777″ - BA operate around 50 flights a week to NYC. Quite rightly perhaps have BA bee given a bit of a going over, but, it's a bit of a cheek for parliament to come down so heavy on them. It's a classic example of someone else having to do something while we just carry on in our own sweet way. Offsets may not just be the new Amway they may also be the equivalent of a hair shirt!

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