Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jamaica? No She Did It Of Her Own Accord

Of course the Flybe wine deal will not make it any easier for passengers to get drunk on board and to be fair their mostly short haul flights mean that fewer of their passengers are a problem through drink. Not so on a recent British Airways flight to Jamaica, the demon drink got a couple from Luton into big trouble. At least on this occasion it was a couple and not two strangers who had got acquainted at check-in. They were on board a Boeing 777 with around two hundred other passengers and after they were apparently caught ‘in the act’ they flew into a violent rage and the aircraft had to make an unscheduled stop in Bermuda.

They had paid £2000 each for their business class tickets to Kingston, Jamaica and were prepared to take full advantage on what was supposed to be a ten-hour flight. In business class the drinks just keep on coming, as most of us know getting a drink in economy can be about as difficult as selling The Big Issue outside the Ivy, and so it wasn’t long before they were fully fueled ready for action. This couple opted for the toilet rather than a public show, but the eagle eyed crew spotted them and after apparently banging on the lavatory door the couple were asked to go back to their seats. Tempers quickly became frayed and the crew was having their work cut out trying to calm things down. When matters became very heated even the Captain’s intervention failed to get things under control. Eventually the man involved had to be handcuffed – this may normally have been something he liked but on this occasion it made him even more cross, which is what prompted the stop in Bermuda. Here the two offending passengers were offloaded and then flown back to London. To make matters worse it was Gatwick and not even “Luton Airport.”

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