Monday, July 16, 2007

Russian Roulette

According to Reuters A Russian plane flying from St Petersburg in Russia to Doloman in Turkey had to turn back mid-flight after a drunken brawl over a young woman spun out of control (that was the brawl not the plane - Ed). Apparently three young Russians boarded the plane drunk Thursday and "continued their party on board. One of them took a fancy to a girl but she did not want to socialize with the new admirer," police said. One of the men slapped the woman's face several times after she rejected his advances. Another passenger immediately rose to defend her. "A fight began, the situation started to get out of hand and the crew made the only right decision -- to turn back. The three drunken men were detained on landing at St Petersburg airport. They faced fines of "dozens of thousands of dollars," police said. The woman received medical treatment at the airport and the plane resumed its flight to Turkey.

A few years ago a passenger on an Aeroflot flight complained that the cabin crew serving him were drunk and he would like to be attended by someone sober and capable. His request earned him a severe beating by two stewards, which left carnage over the aisle and the area of his seat. Reassuringly the entire crew was suspended after the flight landed.

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