Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some of what's in the book....

The Mile High Club
9% of people admitted to having sex on board a commercial airliner! And we’ve the proof
"Well, I got about halfway up. I didn't get quite high enough."
- Singer Ronan Keating when asked if he had joined the Mile High Club.
Did You Pack Your Own Bag
Given that we want secure air travel then some of what’s in the book is at best totally baffling, and at worst astonishingly stupid
"The odds against there being a bomb on a plane are a million to one, and against two bombs a million times a million to one. Next time you fly, cut the odds and take a bomb."
— Benny Hill
Do You Know Who I Am
Celebrities and their tantrums – where fact is definitely stranger than fiction
"I don't mind flying. I always pass out before the plane leaves the ground."
- long legged super model
This is Your Captain Speaking
If Pontius was the first pilot any of us have ever heard of then how come everyone since has been named Speaking; ‘Hello from the flight deck, this is your Captain Speaking.
I hate to wake up and find my co-pilot asleep
- anon
The Punters
Many people who work in the industry see the passengers as a necessary fact of business that get in the way of lots of boys playing with very expensive toys.
“This would be a great airline, with superb on time performance, clean planes, and high operational standards if it wasn’t for all the passengers.”
- Airline Operations Director

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r morris said...

One of my favorite true airline stories was related by the late aviation writer Robert Serling. According to Serling, back in the Golden Age of air travel, the Forties, when most Americans were not too savvy on what went on up in the cockpit, a pilot came out of the cockpit trailing a long piece of string. He unrolled it as he walked down the aisle, stopping near the back by one worried-looking passenger.

"Excuse me, sir, but I really need to use the lavatory. Would you be so kind as to fly the plane for a minute or so?" he asked the traveler, giving him the string. "All you have to do is pull back on the string if the plane starts to go nose-down, and let out a little slack if the plane starts to go nose up. The plane practically flies itself."

The man took the string and the pilot went to the bathroom.

Up front, in the cockpit, on cue, the copilot began a series of climbs and dives.

I suppose this would cause a multi-million-dollar lawsuit nowadays, but what a great practical joke.

Had to share it.