Friday, July 20, 2007

Those Sexy Alitalians

Following the collapse of an auction to sell the state-controlled airline, Alitalia, the Italian economics minister said in an interview published yesterday the airline will have to be liquidated if it is not sold. It reminded us of another aspect of the whole sex and travel routine - the single guy, and particularly the businessman who somehow thinks that every air stewardess, flight attendant, trolley dolly, call them what you like, is going to be instantly attracted to them.

Watching lonely business travellers chatting up flight attendants is still one of the saddest sights to behold. New research shows that air stewardesses are facing increasing levels of harassment. Even the British Medical Journal has got in on the act claiming that passengers have pestered one in five stewardesses. The research was undertaken among 2,000 stewardesses who worked between 1965 and 1995 for Alitalia, the Italian airline. We will refrain from making any comment.

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