Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trees Need Not Be Us.....

...possibly. The Australian Federal Tourism Minister Fran Bailey is hopping mad. Apparently her country suffers because of overseas perceptions that long-haul flights damage the environment. Negative press campaigns in the UK have, according to Fran, promoted an incorrect idea about aviation's carbon emissions.

“There's quite a lot of media in the UK ... about the danger of long-haul aviation and of course Australia is a long-haul aviation (destination). Aviation contributes two per cent of (global carbon dioxide) emissions, where a lot of ads in the UK suggest it is 98 per cent.”

She apparently went on to say that long-haul aviation caused less environmental impact than high intensity weekend trips by Europeans.

So what do we glean from this? Perhaps we need not plant trees? Maybe we shouldn't be popping off to the Continent but to Oz instead? Confused? Me too....

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