Saturday, July 21, 2007

When You Can't Afford Economy

Stowing away in an aircraft's wheel well is not a sensible way to travel, as all sensible people know. The majority of stowaway attempts end unsuccessfully - and by that we mean you die trying. The US FAA have tracked 75 stowaway attempts on 65 flights worldwide since 1947, and 59 of them ended in death. The last successful stowaway flight to the United States was in 2004, when a survivor made it to Miami on a plane from the Dominican Republic. And what happens if you're successful? They usually send you back (but at least it's in economy and not in the wheel well - Ed). That's what happened to Fidel Maruhi, who survived at 38,000 feet inside the wheel well of Air France Boeing 747 from Tahiti to Los Angeles in 2000. Joking aside with airfares as low as they are you'd have to be beyond desperate to try it.

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