Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Name Game

The man who runs Ryanair has an interesting set of names - well one of them is.

Michael Gerard Joseph Mary O'Leary

As my Irish friend Rita is fond of saying, - Jesus, Mary and Joseph! What with the man running British Airways being called Willie and Virgin's owner being called Dick which is the first airline that's going to be run by a boy named Sue?


Paddy Murphy, 1 Turf Bog Lane said...

Common practise in Ireland to name a boy Mary, Brendan O'Carroll (that hilarious comedian) thinks it helps to keep them 'mammies' boys and he goes on to say there are many who never leave their 'mammy', sure why would they leave someone who loves them for someone who doesn't!

Richard Havers said...

So could Al Jolson actually be Alison?