Thursday, August 30, 2007

Turkish Farce

A couple of would be hi-jackers managed to distinguish themselves in the hopeless terrorist league last week when they set about diverting a Turkish Atlas-Jet aircraft to Iran. After taking off from northern Cyprus the two men tried to enter the cockpit brandishing a bomb.

The plan began to unravel when they found they couldn't force the cockpit door and had to begin negotiating via the intercom, demanding to be taken to Iran. The pilot persuaded the men that they had insufficient fuel for the trip and would have to stop at Antalya, Turkey to refuel. Once they had landed the hi-jackers allowed the women and children off the aircraft, however once the doors were open the passengers rushed the exits and almost all escaped. Meanwhile the flight crew exited via the cockpit window.

After the dust had settled the hi-jackers found themselves with only six hostages and surrendered to the Turkish authorities. Their bomb was then discovered to be a fake.

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