Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Caledonian Girls

Now that's what I call airline advertising. All soft focus, Vaseline on the lens and generally selling the fact that our flight attendants are better looking than your flight attendants - and they were the real thing!

There are still men of a certain age that go all misty eyed at the thought of a Caledonian Girl. I'd been working in West Africa for a couple of weeks in the 1970s travelling up and down the coat visiting various countries and finished up in Banjul (the Gambia). I'd checked in and gone for a drink at the bar, it was a rather low-key airport with none of the high tech, security laden, stuff of today. After watching a rat run along the shelf at the back of the bar it came time to board. Walking across the tarmac I looked up to see two Caledonian girls stood at the top of the stairs, their green kilts immaculate, their white blouses gleaming and naturally they were wearing their white gloves. In that one moment I got what made passengers love us!

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