Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Revolutionary Speaks...

At St. Petersburg, Florida on Thursday night police rushed to meet an Allegiant Air Flight after a female passenger made a bomb threat. It must have been frightening for everyone on board but the hoaxer had a very different take on it.

"I guess just to make a statement, potentially to be a social revolutionary, or maybe it was just a crazy thought. I'm not quite sure. It was no bad intention. I think things just got a little bit out of hand. By all means the only thing that I wanted to express to the media, and you guys, was that I apologize for the waste of time the waste of people's energy..." Of the police that showed up so quickly she said. "It was amazing response time the whole process to getting everybody off plane was amazing." She told them. "I wanted to make a true difference to society and I believe I have thank you very much have a good day.”

According to her mother. "How much damage does a person have to do because they can't get help before that balance is the money that the state spends on her if that plane had blown up, would that have been enough." Ford's mother, frustrated with a North Carolina mental institution for allowing her daughter out, blames budget constraints.

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