Friday, October 5, 2007

Insider Trading?

According to the Times yesterday Silverjet are making a rip of advert of the ‘iconic’ British Airways advert from 1989, using the same director, Hugh Hudson, who directed Chariots of Fire in 1981. It’s the one where 150 swimmers in red swimsuits are seen, followed by hundreds of people dressed in blue walking through Los Angeles and hundreds more in white in a field.

Silverjet’s ad features a single red suited swimmer and lone swimmer in a red suit, instead of hundreds and thousands of extras, only four people form the face, with a handful of other actors posing as passengers and crew.

The ad first shows at 1.55pm this Saturday during the England/Australia Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals and will then run globally.

This is classic airline industry looking inwards rather than outwards, too concerned with the ‘in joke’. However, they’ve managed ton get the Times to do their PR for them and no doubt others will do the same. (What do you think we’re doing! – Ed)

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