Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rest Room

After a long flight it's not uncommon for the aircraft's crew to be tired by the time they arrive at their destination; working a busy flight, an early alarm or a late night can all take their toll, leaving them fatigued. If the aircraft is being turned around and is leaving again a few hours later some of the crew may take advantage of some quiet time once their duties are over and catch a rest before getting ready for the next leg of their journey.

One flight attednant took it to extremes, however, when she felt in need of a nap after arrival. The aircraft was fairly quiet, but the cleaners were working their way through so she wasn't sure of being undisturbed. Casting around for a good spot for some shut-eye she spotted the large(ish) wardrobe at the rear of the first class section. She climbed inside, made herself comfortable and got down to getting forty winks.

Later on the flight was loaded with its light number of passengers and was getting ready to push back from the gate when the rest of the crew realised that one of their colleagues was missing. They searched around, but couldn't see her, paged her in the aircraft and in the airport terminal, all to no avail. Finally the aircraft couldn't wait any longer and the Captain decided to leave without her. They duly took off and had begun climbing when the wardrobe door suddenly opened, and, to the amazement of the passengers (especially those who'd stowed their coats!) a rather dishevilled and bleary flight attendant stumbled out, brushed herself down and sheepishly buckled into her crew seat.

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