Friday, November 23, 2007

Demonstration Declaration

You've found your seat, stowed your bag, the doors have been closed and the aircraft's soon going to be departing. What happens next? That good old ritual, the safety demonstration. If the passengers think it's a bit of a bore and ignore it, the cabin crew really find it a grind. These days many if not most airlines use videos to give the potentially vital information, sparing everyone the spectacle of bored flight attendants breathing with a fake oxygen mask and pretending to inflate a lifejacket by blowing into the tube.

But when it was standard practice to put the cabin crew through the demonstration mill there was some scope for humour. Thought the entire plane was ignoring you when you held the safety briefing card over your head, while the senior member of staff informed people that it was located in the seat pocket in front of them? Amazingly the entire audience was giving matters their full attention when one unfortunate soul did exactly that without noticing her colleague had written 'I LOVE SEX' over it in thick black letters. She had no idea why her section of passengers was in hysterics for the duration of the demo...

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