Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When the Going gets Tough

Residents of Florida (or, at least, the wealthy ones) can rest a little bit easier should a hurricane head their way. While the security of their home may be down to luck and heaps of insurance, they are now able to avoid many of the irritations of evacuation, staying with relations or in the sports stadium, traipsing around with their fellow displaced hordes etc etc by engaging the services of an enterprising travel agency called HelpJet. As author and journalist Naomi Klein reported in a recent article on privatised emergency relief services...

"During last year's hurricane season, Florida homeowners were
offered similarly high-priced salvation by HelpJet, a travel agency
launched with promises to turn "a hurricane evacuation into a
jet-setter vacation." For an annual fee, a company concierge takes care
of everything: transport to the air terminal, luxurious travel,
bookings at five-star resorts. Most of all, HelpJet is an escape hatch
from the kind of government failure on display during Katrina. "No
standing in lines, no hassle with crowds, just a first class

So, anyone for a short notice luxury break while the house gets demolished?

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