Monday, December 10, 2007

Delta Airlines Passenger Training Videos

Delta Airlines have a new series of inflight videos showing passengers how to behave, or "delicate social situations" as they put it. "Planeguage: The language of travelling by plane," the series of 25 videos have been posted on the airline's web site and introduced on flights this month. "We understand what you go through as a traveller," said Tim Mapes, Delta's vice president of marketing. "These videos can reinforce, 'Hey, you don't want to be that guy.' " Feeling sceptical?

The videos include "Middleman," about the middle-seat bully; "Kidtastrophe," depicting unruly kids on planes; "Lav Dance," about the person who bumps into everyone in the airplane aisle while returning from the lavatory; and "Shady Lady," about the passenger who raises or closes the window shade without considering other passengers. According to a Delta Spokeswomen they "help raise travellers' consciousness about what it means to be good travel companions." Apparently the move has been welcomed by some Delta passengers, including Larry Pellegrini, a 52-year-old sales executive. Apparently his pet peeve is passengers who do not cover their mouths when they cough.

So far there's no news about a series of online videos made by Delta passengers who are understood to be anxious to see some improvement in the standards of behaviour by some Delta staff. Reports that the first one in the series - Bumptybump - on how to tell someone, in a nice way, that their flight is oversold has been completed are unconfirmed. We’re also trying to find out if there’s one called, ‘Jumbo’ about super-size passengers who overflow their seat and no one does anything about it.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Mr. Pellegrini is not too versed in medical etiquette. Doctors recommend that if you are going to cough that you DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS OR OTHER OBJECTS TO COVER YOUR MOUTH. Viruses and germs are more apt to be spread by people touching objects with their contaminated hands and leaving the viruses/germs behind on surfaces. Viruses/germs are less of a problem when airborne.

Richard Havers said...

Oh No! Let's just hope that Delta haven't made a video called 'Off the Cough', if they have it'll be a remake!

Anonymous said...

Maybe delta should think about buying planes where the seats actually have leg room and arm rests with some width, instead of blaming the passengers. They overbook and overcrowd people into cramped spaces and then expect them to smile? Delta and the other airlines should put down the crack pipe and breathe some fresh air. If the ceo's were required to take flights in economy class, and didn't receive ridiculous compensation amounts, they might actually be able to decipher reality from this junk.

Norman Smith said...

If you are to handle a situation with a rude passenger, don't yell at him/her and let him calm down.
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