Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An American Tale

Not everyone it seems is so happy to be travelling in Arctic conditions. Two passengers who were stranded for more than eight hours aboard an American Airlines flight are suing the airline after their plane was diverted during a major storm over North Texas. They are accusing American of false imprisonment (are they barking mad? - Ed), fraud and negligence.

The two, Kate Hanni of California and Catherine Ray of Arkansas were on flights diverted from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to Austin on December 30, 2006. After landing the passengers were kept on the plane for more than eight hours, apparently they were unable to leave despite overflowing toilets and little food or water.


Larry said...

"barking mad" would apply to their decision to book with American Airlines (at least they were sane enough not to book Untied).

"Irate" is one of the words we use when illegally imprisoned in inhumane circumstances,

Anonymous said...

Yes, "barking mad" is a good description for anyone that flies eitehr United or American. They might as well be Kevin Bacon in Animal House, "Thank you, sir! May I have another?"