Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As Nature Intended

What better way to break a bit of a quiet patch for airline-related nonsense and entertainment than with some naked Germans? Yes folks, at last the German nudist market is being properly serviced by an East German travel agency. Those wishing to cast off their garb in flight can now visit to book a trip from Erfurt to the popular Baltic Sea resort of Usedom, leaving on July 5th at a cost of £370.

The new and innovative element of the holiday is the fact that the entire passenger list (we hope it's all of them and that nobody ventures aboard unawares) is intending to strip off for the duration of the flight. They'll have to be clothed until they're on the 'plane and dress again to disembark. The crew will keep their kit on for 'safety reasons'. The safety reasons have not been specified - the mind boggles at the potential for burns if the emergency slides get used!.

Mr. Enrico Hess, the head of the travel agent which is endeavouring to plug the gap in the market for naked flight noted that Naturism, or "free body culture" (FKK) as it is called in Germany, was banned by the Nazis but has boomed since the end of WWII. He went on to say "I don't want people to get the wrong idea. It's not that we're starting a a swinger club in mid-air or something like that. We're a perfectly normal holiday company." Absolutely.

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Larry said...

Reminds me of an on notions of "proper" in a situation like the wone mentioned here.

"If God intended for us to fly we would have been born with wings and if He meant for us to be nudists, we would have been born without......."