Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Carbon Wars

According to the Times when people were asked what is worse for the environment - cars or aircraft? More people said aircraft. But they were wrong because in terms of CO2 emissions flights are less damaging than car journeys.

In the National Statistics omnibus survey, conducted in August 2006, 39 per cent of people thought that cars did more damage, while 35 per cent selected planes. When the same question was asked in August 2007 cars had gone doen to 34 per cent and planes had risen to 40 per cent.

Estimates from the Department for Transport for 2005 show that cars emitted 69.9 million tonnes of CO2 while domestic and international aviation emitted 37.5 million tonnes.

So given the disparity it shows what a great job the media in particular has done in pointing the finger at air travel. The fact is people find it easier to see air travel as the demon because somehow it takes the onus off of them. It;'s as though it suddenly becomes somebody else's fault.

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