Friday, January 4, 2008

Cooper Mystery Revived

One of the longest running, and oddest, investigations in US criminal history has been revived by the FBI in the hope of solving the case. The strange events of 24th November 1971 aboard a Northwest Orient flight from Portland to Seattle when a passenger calling himself D.B.Cooper held the aircraft's occupants to ransom and succeeded in parachuting out of the plane with $200,000 in cash as a consequence are well documented...particularly well so on page 28 of Airline Confidential (but we would say that, wouldn't we?) and many other places

The FBI has just released for the first time pictures and information on its website (take look at The renewed interest is the result of FBI Special Agent Larry Carr taking over the long outstanding case six months ago. He's a self confessed 'Cooper Buff' and reckons that the previous assumption that Cooper was a paratrooper is wrong. His theory is that the hijacker probably failed to even open his 'chute and modern technology could lead to his (presumeably pretty deep) grave.

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