Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flybe Practically For Free

Flybe are another of those low cost airlines that's looking for ever more creative ways to get you onboard....and all by spending very little. They've just introduced a new credit card - a Mastercard no less. The deal is simple, spend on your card just once and they'll give you a free flight to Europe. As they say this can be " anything from a pint of milk to your weekly shop." All you pay are the taxes and charges. I hope it's not like that offer of a few years ago when you bought a vacuum cleaner and got a free flight. The liabilities for the operator just kept on mounting and the whole thing collapsed like a pack of cards. Now admittedly there's always daft offers from carriers for just a £1 a seat plus taxes, but this one might turn round to bight them where it hurts.

A case of great load factors, shame about the profits.

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