Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Just not Fair

According to MP Danny Alexander said it is a "disgraceful decision" to close the Inverness - Heathrow service by bmi - it's the only route to Heathrow from the Highland city. The airline has taken the decision because of insufficient passengers to make it viable. Now quite what the Liberal Democrat MP expects BMI to do I'm not sure. The service will cease on March 29. According to Mr Alexander, bmi had repaid the loyalty of its Inverness customer base with "a slap in the face".

The Liberal Democrat MP also claimed the suspension was a direct result of European Union transport ministers' unanimous backing for an "open skies" aviation deal with the US. Why? The fact is that 'open skies' policy for airline services throughout Europe makes it harder and harder to just keep flying more and more routes. The expansion planned at Edinburgh by Ryanair is likely to cause at least one other carrier to drop its service to the same cities that Ryanair is to serve. It could be that that carrier may well be Ryanair.

20o8 will be a very tricky year for the airline business. We're about to enter the rough end of the cycle of airline business

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Anonymous said...

Gosh. This means Daniel will now have to go to Gatwick to get to his holiday home in Aviemore.