Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Wonder of Air Travel

US Domestic air travel, like many other areas of the world, sees a continuing growth in demand. Ever wondered why? It's partly because it's getting less expensive according to the Air Transport Association.

In 1978, the cost of U.S. airline travel was 8.49 cents per mile, by 2006, without adjusting for inflation, domestic U.S. airline travel costs had risen to 13 cents a mile, 1.5 times the 1978 rate.

By comparison, the Consumer Price Index rose 3.1 times in the same period. The price of a gallon of unleaded fuel increased by 3.9 times from 1978 to 2006; and the cost of a first-class US stamp increased 2.6 times.

It all adds up to the fact that fares have fallen by around half in real terms

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