Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Home Comforts of Gatwick Aiport

Just when it seems that everybody is doing everything in their power to transit through airports as fast as possible, comes the news that a man has been living at Gatwick for four years. Anthony Delaney ate, showered and slept at the West Sussex airport; the 43 year old only left to collect his jobseeker's allowance.

He didn't have any mental health, drug or alcohol problems and was no bother, a Crown Court hearing in Lewes was told. He said that he'd lived there since 2004 because it was 'clean, dry and warm'. He was banned from the airport under by-laws, but breached the ban and was consequently given an ASBO banning him from the site. Which makes you wonder why they didn't just give the guy a broom instead?

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