Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Predict A Riot

An action group aiming to prevent the planned expansion of Stanstead airport count a major rock band among their supporters. The Kaiser Chiefs are among a number of musical acts who are anti a second runway and they will contribute to an album in support of the cause. The Stop Stanstead Expansion Group will doubtless benefit from the exposure ahead of the application for the new runway which is due to be made next month.

The Kaiser's drummer Nick Hodgson proclaimed his backing for the campaigners when the group collected a Brit award last year, so their support for the album is no surprise. The airport's owners, BAA, plan to expand the airport's passenger load from the current 25m annually to 35m if the application is successful.

The Kaisers aren't the scheme's only well known opponents; such diverse souls are Terry Waite and Zac Goldsmith are also against the plan.

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