Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Remember Nothing....

A Canadian real estate agent who caused an American Airlines flight to be diverted because of his drunken and belligerent behaviour has struck a plea bargain with the courts after changing his plea to one of ‘guilty of interfering with the flight attendants’ (I didn’t know there was such a charge – Ed).
Russell Petrie, 30 has also been asked to reimburse American Airlines $7,757 for the cost of landing the Seattle-Miami flight in Denver. That on top of a possible jail sentence and fine.

The original charge of sexual assault was dropped , but it’s also alleged that he grabbed the buttocks of a female passenger on the flight. Petrie has been in custody since January 4, after boarding Flight 16 and loudly proclaiming, "Let's party and have some drinks." After ordering five vodka drinks and two glasses of wine the flight attendants stopped serving him.. Petrie allegedly made sexually suggestive remarks to female passengers, used profane language and loudly pounded on the airplane lavatory walls, forcing the pilot to divert to Denver.

Petrie used the ‘I remember nothing’ defense. He, "volunteered that he did not recall what happened on the flight ... [and] stated he drank too much and has a drinking problem." No kidding…

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