Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Airport Hilton

Fed up with unscheduled nights in an airport hotel? Outraged by the rates charged by second rate accommodation for a few hours bad sleep before boarding the early flight? Help is at hand. The innovative souls at MiniMotel have come up with a solution; a folding bedroom which you keep in your luggage just in case.

Like a miniature tent, the Mini Motel provides private accommodation for one (or two close friends) and includes a pillow, air mattress, alarm clock and a reading light. Once zipped into the fifty dollar miracle you’re in a world of your own and can enjoy a nights rest (potentially) on the floor of the departure area before packing the whole thing away and boarding your next flight as fresh as a daisy. Check out if it sounds like your cup of tea (no kettle included).


Dan Yager said...

I need to carry one of these in my homebuilt, in case I get stranded at the FBO overnight waiting for fuel! Pretty cool!

Dan Yager

AMIT said...

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raven said...

Good innovation and good for all travelers. If your fed up with unscheduled nights in an airport hotel, avoid it by having your own charter jet take you to your next destination. Private, comfortable and fast.

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Mario2011 said...

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