Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Equal Opportunities

Chapter One of the book on workplace non-discrimination probably begins with ‘Don’t bring sexual orientation into it.’ Sadly a senior manager at BA hadn’t read it when she told a gay cabin crew manager who complained about harassment he was being a “drama queen” and went on to clarify “You know what I mean, your lot over dramatise everything.”

This obviously didn’t go down with the employee David Andersson-Wood, who had worked for BA 19 years, and ended up at a tribunal. He had earlier tried twice to secure equal pay to his peers, and allegedly been told by HR “If you want to achieve a market level of pay, go and work for a pharmaceutical company.” Text book stuff….


The Last Baron said...

BA is not the only airline where this kind of thing happens. Ask any male, female, gay, straight or otherwise FA. They will tell you that most of the airline industry is rotten to the core.

Anthony Frost said...

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