Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Night Night

It sounds like a scene in the spoof movie ‘Airplane’ but it’s true; both pilots were sound asleep as their plane should have been descending and preparing to land at Hawaii’s Big Island.

Go! Airlines flight 1002 carried on cruising at 21,000’ in early 2008 as it came overhead Hilo airport, prompting frantic attempts by air traffic controllers to contact the flight crew. The plane was 15 miles beyond its destination by the time the snoozing pair were raised.

The Captain Scott Oltman and First Officer Dillon Shipley were suspended for 60 and 45 days respectively by the FAA for reckless operation of an aircraft after their ill-timed nap in February. Both were fired by the airline.

The possibility that carbon monoxide had leaked into the cockpit causing the crew to lose consciousness was investigated and no evidence was found. Still, a bit odd for both the pass out at 9am. Most importantly, the plane was safely landed after its short detour.

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