Monday, July 30, 2007

Airline Accused of Harassment

A lecturer from Kolkata in India has lodged a police complaint after airline authorities failed to trace her missing baggage in over one and a half months. She lost her baggage on a Lufthansa flight from New York via Frankfurt to her home city at the start of June. She claims she has constantly been in touch with Lufthansa in Frankfurt and Kolkata but so far they've not shown up.

According to the lecturer "There is no trace of my baggage yet. Lufthansa officials in Kolkata are harassing me. But that's nothing compared to the worth of my baggage." Two things come to mind. What would happen to the legal system and the police's ability to work if everyone complained about lost bags? She, like everyone else should have read the small print - there's only so much compensation they are legally obliged to pay out. Many years ago I recall a passenger who had flown with an airline I worked for claiming there was £500,000 worth of diamonds in their checked baggage that had gone missing...

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TravelinMom said...

I wonder if Global Bag Tags would have been affective in recovering the lost items?