Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chicks are in the Air...

According to the Economic Times of India this morning, "the aviation industry is also doling out special services and offers to capture the women travel beans. Airline such as American airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Singapore Airlines are coming up with various marketing strategies to woo the jet-set women."

It goes on to quote Nisha Maharaj, regional manager, American Airlines who’ve introduced a convenient online resource specifically designed for its female customers. The content includes information on safety and security; saving time and money while travelling and stories and advice from other women travellers. "This has helped us in improving the customer experience and provided with a tremendous opportunity to grow its revenue, market share, and customer loyalty,"

All very good and sensible. They then quote Virgin Atlantic's marketing manager.

"We have chick flicks for our women travellers. It's very important to keep women in mind while designing the in-flight entertainment."

Patronising? Virgin Atlantic? Surely not!

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