Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sex is in the Air, Again

...see that got you attention. It has also got the attention of Air New Zealand who have designed their new flat bed business premier class seat so that no one else in sight for the benefit of that female corporate traveller who has been "very badly served", over the years. This is according to their group general manager.

He went on to explain that the airline has taken a leaf out of the book of the Hilton chain that allows female guests to order room service and pay the same price as they would in the hotel restaurant, so that they don't feel guilty about eating in their room. Quite how that logic explains how the airline came to realises that "women travellers do not want to find themselves sitting or indeed lying next to a plump, chatty salesman from Iowa so it is trying to avoid these situations."

Salesmen from Iowa, plump or otherwise, should rise up and defend themselves.

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