Thursday, July 26, 2007

British Airways in Sex Scene Shocker

British Airways cutting out Richard Branson from a movie they were showing onboard their aircraft is one thing but now, apparently, actress Maggie Gyllenhall is pouring scorn on British Airways for cutting out the sex scenes when showing her new film 'SherryBaby' on flights.

The world famous star plays a former heroin addict struggling to rehabilitate in society after a prison term, and with a history of sexual abuse. Ms Gyllenhall insists the uncomfortable scenes in the movie are an important part of her character's story and can't understand why they were censored. "Someone told me they watched it on British Airways and they'd cut all the sex out, which I think would drastically change it."

Perhaps when she gets a little older and has kids that might be offended she'll get it. In the meantime she'll play the PR for all it's worth.

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