Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Claim Game

Midwest Airlines is suing the FAA for $410,053 for damage to one of their aircraft when its left wing bumped a weed-spraying truck in August 2005, at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport. Midwest on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court. The suit's defendants are Fahrner – the owners of the truck -, Milwaukee County, which operates the airport and the Federal Aviation Administration.
Apparently the control tower gave permission for Fahrner and county employees to spray weeds along one of the airport's taxiways on the day of the accident. About 13 minutes later, the lawsuit contends, control tower personnel directed the Midwest jet into the same area, where the collision occurred.
The suit says a county employee who was with the truck, and who was supposed to prevent aircraft from hitting said truck, "failed to warn Midwest's pilots of the impending collision and failed to cause Fahrner to yield to the aircraft."

– “Nah, go on, he’s bound to stop.”

With so many more vehicles and aircraft at airports maybe they should all have a man with a red flag walking along in front of every one of the,m much like they did in the very early days of motoring.

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