Wednesday, August 15, 2007

All the Lights Are On And No One's At Home

According to the Independent over half of Britain want a 'green tax' on air travel to "to try to curb harmful the CO2 emissions that cause global warming." A survey published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics showed that 44 per cent now support the idea that those who fly should bear the cost of the environmental damage they cause.

Several things occur. Saying it and paying it are two different things. The emissions from air travel per passenger, compared to the emissions that most everyone pumps out on a yearly basis from driving around on unnecessary car journeys are way less.

As with all surveys they tend to paint a somewhat different picture to realty. It also found that about 50 per cent said they never leave lights on in unoccupied rooms. Yeah, right!

Next they'll be banning Christmas lights

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