Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Luggage Lost No More?

Those readers with whom we struck a nerve with yesterday's post about lost luggage (and, statistically speaking, that's most of you given the number of lost bags each month!) will be delighted to know that help may be at hand.

The founder of Global Bag Tags was kind enough to post a comment and introduce his organisation. Having suffered a lost bag nightmare, he and his wife set up a company in the 1990's offering strong, secure stainless steel tags which are permanently attached to your bags. Each tag has a serial number and allows, via Global Bag Tag's database, the owner to be traced.

With lost or mishandled luggage figures from the US DoT of 250,000 items per month on US internal flights alone, they're on to a good thing, and have sold over 1 million sets since 1999. Owners of tagged bags can trace them worldwide, 24/7. Seems like a good idea, and if you fancy avoiding your baggage being flogged by the company in Alabama which sells thousands of unclaimed items each week, then check out

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