Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Economics of Effluence

Under the banner headline – Sty in the Sky – The Wall Street Journal has entered the fray on discussing just how bad flying is these days. Their angle is about how dirty the planes are. Of course tighter turn rounds and increasing load factors make it a tough call to keep aircraft pristine (not helped by the fact that today people fail to dress properly when they fly –Ed).

They quote a Dana Bushman who recently flew with Continental Airlines saying her flight. " Smelled like an outhouse." Apparently sewage overflowed from a lavatory and flowed down the aisle; the blockage was caused by someone attempting to flush latex gloves down the lavatory. Had someone been conducting an operation on board or were they just cleaning the pan? Despite Co. apologizing and offering vouchers for travel Ms. Bushman says she is trying to gather support from fellow passengers to sue the carrier.

As they say in certain areas of Britain – where there’s muck there’s brass (money)

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dana bushman said...

Hey thanks for discussing our flight. I've got a whole blog dedicated to deciphering the spin of this particular Continental saga (dubbed "The Poop Flight") You can read all about it here but since you mentioned it in your post I think it's important for me to point out that:

1) Continental indeed claimed publicly that latex gloves clogged the toilets but since the issue occurred BEFORE any of the passengers set foot on the plane, it is misleading to blame them. Continental even told me that they believe it was the cleaning crew who flushed the gloves not a passenger.

2) This 7 hour flight turned into a 32 hour ordeal and the passengers had to endure sewage flowing into the aisles and were told by the crew to "Hold It" for the duration of the flight as there were no working toilets. Continental is offering $500 future flight vouchers that do not even come close to scratching the surface of what the passengers paid to fly this transcontinental flight. All we are asking is for a refund of the price of our tickets and Continental has refused. That is why we are trying to sue, for our money back, not for any huge damage claim.