Monday, August 13, 2007

There Maybe Trouble Ahead

Over at Budget Travel they tell us that Southwest Airlines may change its boarding procedure. Tests have begun in San Antonio where passengers are asked to board the plane one-by-one in an assigned order, rather than board in one of three groups. When passengers check-in for their flight, they're assigned individual boarding numbers. Once they board the plane, they still have their choice of seats on a first-come, first-served basis.

All very well but I can see trouble ahead. What if people are not at the gate when they should be? I bet they did their initial tests using airline staff and there was a semblance of order in the way they behaved! Can you imagine how much shopping time could cost the BAA?

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Kelsey said...

Yeah, this sounds like chaos in the making. One of the reasons why I love Southwest is their ease of boarding. It sounds more like a comedy routine if you ask me. Hoepfully, they will use numbers and not letters - could you imagine the arguements "U comes before T - No T comes before U." I'm curious to know what's wrong with the current system.