Monday, September 17, 2007

This Just In....

....from a friend who had recently got a job with a handling agent at one of Scotland's finest airports.

JOB......u do not want to know....NIGHTMARE! I should have followed my gut reaction after interview and scarpered. The quality of staff they employ is the get a nicer person behind the checkouts in ASDA!!! The company promised full time, perks, 3 weeks intense training, and handling (the name has been deleted to protect the poor carrier).......they delivered...part perks.....3days of waffle from some inexperienced bitch who couldn't even be bothered to turn up on time...and offered (the name has been deleted to protect the poor carrier) check in.......OH...I don't think so!!! There were a couple of us more mature/astute ex airline staff and by the 2ND DAY we were looking at each other thinking WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!!! So needless to say me being me....walked...I just could not stick it and was not prepared to be humiliated by some little witch who had double standards, etc, etc, etc.......however best move I ever far as I'm aware another 4 have walked too. Anyway....onwards and upwards.....serves me right for thinking Handling Agents had improved!!!

Having recently been checked in by the same handling agent at the same airport I get her point.

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