Monday, December 24, 2007

Iron Maiden's Very Own Piece of Heavy Metal

Bruce Dickinson the leader singer with legendary rockers Iron Maiden is also a pilot with charter airline Astraeus, which is the reason that the airline has painted a Boeing 757-200 that will be used on the band's 2008 world tour. Their "Somewhere Back in TIme" tour will begin in Mumbai, India in February 2008, with North American gigs from mid-May to mid-June. Their very own piece of heavy metal weighs in at an impressive 116,000 kgs.

Back in the 1970s former United Airlines Boeing 720 named the Starship was used by Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones amongst many others. The layout of the Starship is above, click on it to enlarge.


r morris said...

I really like Iron Maiden and had no clue that a member had become a pilot. What a career change! I'll bet this plane gets photographed a lot.

Anonymous said...

Came back from Hurghada Egypt 28/12/07 on this plane....wonderful paint job