Friday, December 21, 2007

Vegetarian Only Airline

Over at India's Business Standard I found this from Anjuli Bhargava

"Just last month, as I was driving my children to a magic show in Gurgaon, I came across, quite unintentionally, the corporate headquarters of MDLR Airlines. While I don't know very much about the airline, its headquarters, I must say, gave me the jitters.

Located on a small street connecting Gurgaon's main town bazaar with the never-to-be-ready NH8 expressway, it looks more like the office of a real estate agent than of an airline. I, for one, after looking at the headquarters, don't want to fly in an MDLR aircraft. Nor would I endorse anyone's decision to take an MDLR flight to anywhere."

MDLR are India's first vegetarian only airline

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