Thursday, December 20, 2007

Virgin's Undervalued - Apparently....

Apparently Virgin Atlantic crews are underpaid; so much so that they are planning to strike in the New Year. Their will in fact be two strikes of 48 hours each, starting at 0600 on Wednesday 9 January and from 0600 on Wednesday 16 January. Union members voted 71% in favour of taking the first industrial action in the airline's history, although the airline pointed out that only 31% of its total cabin crew workforce voted in favour of the action. This is one of those situations that they may come to regret. It's hardly an industry that is in the rudest of health. The outlook is not fantastic with rising fuel costs, albeit helped by a strong pound, but at the same time with a weak dollar UK bound travel is under threat.

The union balloted 3,100 workers of whom 2,102 voted, with 1,497 voting in favour of strike action. This will prove divisive and damaging all around

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