Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Northern Exposure

Passengers arriving at Glasgow airport are being treated to the dynamic new slogan generated by the £125,000 government scheme to rebrand Scotland. The scintillating effort for the money is, wait for it, "Welcome to Scotland." Eager to ram home the message, and riding high on the wave of emotion doubtless unleashed by the snappy strapline, the hoardings feature images including one of a bald bloke walking along an Edinburgh street.

Culture minister Linda Fabiani sums it up perfectly: "This is about showing what a modern, vibrant and successful country Scotland is." Now that the Scottish Parliament building's finished they've got to find something to spend our money on, I suppose...

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laradunston said...

Oh, I love it!!!

And I love reading your blog!

I'm a professional travel writer and my own interests are in what inspires people and the things about travel that inspire us... this Scottish campaign doesn't seem the least inspirational. What were they thinking?