Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aircrew Get Up To Hijinx Shock!

This just in....apparently the makers of a saucy (it's like the write up for a Carry On film -Ed) Thai soap opera about airline crews has been forced to apologize for offending real-life flight attendants, who had complained that the scenes of sexual hijinx have sullied their reputations. At first we thought they might have felt they were not saucy enough but far from it. The TV company that makes "The Air Hostess War," has said they are sorry if they had offended anyone, and would tame some of the show's racier elements. The show follows the sexual shenanigans of a dashing married pilot and features love triangles, fights in the plane aisles and trysts on stopovers in exotic locations.

Clearly the product of a twisted and exaggerated imagination

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