Wednesday, January 9, 2008

All Change at Changi

The gleaming new terminal at Singapore's Changi airport is unveiled today. Terminal 3 has cost a cool $617 million but comes with lots of nifty features. Our favourite is the revolutionary 'see through' design incorporating loads of glass and natural light (good so far) and allegedly allows passengers to find their way about without need for lots of signs. We predict lots of bloddy noses as people walk into glass walls while trying to make a bee-line for their target.

Also in the design is a 5 storey high 'green wall' covered in hanging plants and waterfalls. Think hanging gardens of Babylon for indoor plants. As is required n these days there will be over 100 shops including a Apple i-Store, a FIFA shop and a branch of lingerie specialist La Perla, plus refreshments from the Hard Rock Cafe and a Brewerkz microbrewery. Ideal if your pre-flight needs encompass buying an i-pod, some saucy pants and a pair of football boots followed by a burger and a load of beer. Not forgetting that the purpose of the operation is to help you get on or off a plane, there are 28 gates of which 8 can handle the new A380 Airbus double decker.

Further airport expansions expected this year - Beijing Terminal 3 in February and Heathrow Terminal 5 in March. Watch this space...

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