Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pick the Bones out of That

A woman was stopped at Munich airport last week while en route from Brazil to Naples when the baggage handlers noted some unusual content in her luggage. Imagine the scanner operator's face, well accustomed to clothes, shoes, toiletries etc, when they found the image of a human skeleton coming up on the screen! The 62 year old lady explained that she was taking the remains of her brother to Italy in order to bury them in accordance with his wishes. He'd died 11 years previously and she'd only just got around to it.

Where he had been in the meantime is a mystery, however once it had been established that she wasn't actually breaking any German laws she was (or, they were) allowed to continue with the journey. What happened when she reached Naples is also unknown, but given Naples' problems with the illegal dumping of pollutants from all over Italy, the authorities may not have been that pleased to see what she was planning to deposit!


avia russia said...

Excuse me for my bad English..

Such cases are shockingly! It is surprising! In Russia, where on streets polar bears go, such occurs constantly, the similar case was not. To be or to not be in what a question?

Please let me place Russian translation of a small fragment of your text about Heathrow with the link to the original page at your web-site

laradunston said...

Is this really true? Where do you guys get these stories???

Christopher Tiffney said...

It's as true as anything you read in the press - we just stay tuned to the media for this stuff; it's amazingly common!