Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sticky Situation

This surely must be a first on all counts. Apparently a 21-year-old woman is suing American Airlines for not protecting her from a man a masterbating man on one of their flights. She wants $200,000 after she awoke to find "a substantial amount of an extremely sticky substance in her hair." The flight was from Dallas/Forth Worth to Los Angeles and she claims the airline should have seen the man go from his seat to the seat next to hers and remove him back to his original assigned seat. He was arrested when the plane landed while she was calmed by a fellow passenger.


Larry said...

That is beyond disgusting to scary.

How far can stuff go before the crew and "air marshals" take an interest?

Of course it is American Airlines. My how the might have fallen.

Anonymous said...

If the crew (representing AA) noticed a passenger moved from their seat, they should have walked by and given a glance. If it was a three-seat row, and the man relocated to a seat right next to a 21 year-old sleeping woman, obviously he's a creep. She entered into an agreement (contract) with AA to safely get her from one place to another.

But this is not a straight up and down case. Hopefully, she can afford her own attorney, because she surely would not one who is pro-bono. Obviously, the charge stuck, but the evidence may not stand up in a court of law, and she might end up with a hung-jury.

The Co-Op Crew said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey people hit the brakes here ok!!!.. are you going to tell me that this individual released himself on her hair and she never noticed anything until after... PLEASE!!!!! that's a bit too much. I would understand if She woke up in the middle of it but not till his "fluids" ran into her head.... I don;t know this sounds very sticky to me