Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm a (celebrity) Cabin Crew Member

The wonders of 'reality' (should that be 'unreality?) TV are about to come to the world of airline travel. Next month you'll be able to tune into ITV2 for a dose of "Celebair", which sounds rather like a programme about air crews taking vows of sexual abstainance (like that's ever going to happen) but is in fact the latest torture device for C-list celebrities.

Angelica Bell will host the show which follows the fortunes of the celebs as they train up and then provide in-flight service to members of the paying public on flights from the UK to Menorca, Malaga, Larnaca, Tenerife and Ibiza. You guessed; each week the worst celeb crew member will be dumped (not mid-flight, sadly) until a glorious finale is reached. How long before they give to flight crew's seats to Ant and Dec?

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